Dress shopping at Red Carpet Ready as a Non-Binary Person

“As someone who hid away for so long, that was a really great experience for me and was a big step in self-acceptance.”

Personal Stylist Sammy, Nic & CEO Kirsty Gale

Nic shares their inspirational story on their journey to self-acceptance as a Non-Binary individual.

Dress shopping has been a crucial part of their journey with their identity, Nic describing their recent visit to Red Carpet Ready as a “watershed moment of my confidence levels going up and having validation.”

Nic’s Identity

Nic identifies as Non-Binary – a group of identities that sit outside the traditional gender binary.

Whilst a lot of Non-Binary individuals may have a more static identity, which means they may identify as neither one gender nor the other, Nic’s identity tends to go between both genders and can vary from day to day.

Nic is a self-employed painter and decorator and explains that day-to-day they just look like someone covered in paint splatters. Their gender-fluid identity tends to come out more when they are around their circle of LGBT friends. 

Nic’s preferred pronouns are they/them but explained that they aren’t too sensitive to pronouns and focus more on people’s intentions rather than mistakes that people may make about their identity. 

Personal Journey

Nic in their Red Carpet Ready dress

10 years ago, Nic emerged from a damaging relationship where their identity had been swept under the rug and never discussed. For the first time, they were able to start exploring their identity and gender presentations and take their first steps on the long road to self-acceptance. 

Fast forward 10 years and Nic said they wouldn’t have believed how far they had come in their journey!

Nic’s turning point was the decision to attend the Sparkle Ball in Manchester in 2016. Sparkle is a National Transgender Charity that hosts the event every July to fundraise, celebrate and raise Trans awareness.

Nic wore a Red Carpet Ready dress to this event and looked absolutely amazing!

“There were so many emotions that had been stored up at that stage, I was in my early 30s and there had been a good 10 years knowing there was that side of me that had nowhere to go, and it was euphoric to finally feel that weight had been lifted.”

Red Carpet Ready played a crucial role in Nic’s journey to self-acceptance

Nic is a very special Red Carpet Ready customer and not just because of their inspirational story, but because they were our first non-binary customer 6 years ago.

When Nic first visited, they weren’t too sure what to expect, but soon realised that there was no reason to be nervous!

“The staff were all so wonderful, and made me feel like any valued customer, and seemed as excited as I was to try on dresses! There was no hesitation on whether I belonged there.”

“It’s very different from going anywhere else. I think this is much more personalised and very much a luxury product environment.”

We invited Nic back on 28 June to give them our speciality personal dress shopping experience that people travel to us for from all over the UK.

Nic was given a Personal Stylist to guide them through their experience and help share their story, educate and welcome other non-binary visitors to Red Carpet Ready.

We are passionate about offering all our customers a personal experience and making them feel incredible in the perfect dress for them.

We believe there is a perfect dress for everyone and would love to help you find yours!

Dress Shape Advice

Nic explained how important and valuable it was to receive dress advice from the Red Carpet Ready Personal Stylists.

Nic looking stunning in the Phoenix dress, from the RCR Exclusives Collection

Whilst Nic is knowledgeable of what dresses suit their body shape, some people may need that extra bit of help which is where the personal touch of Red Carpet Ready comes in and the exact reason why we do what we do and take great pride in it.

Whilst the advice is extremely valuable, Nic also emphasised how crucial it is to maintain a delicate approach to this.

“Within my community, there can be a disappointment when you try something on and it doesn’t look like it does on a female body, how to overcome that is difficult as it can go into dysphoria.”

“It’s a very real thing and having a softer approach is better and lifting people up when something works is such a key skill and really important in making that experience and coming out thinking; I had a great time and feel really good about myself.”

When Nic stepped out of the dressing room in our RCR Exclusives Range dress Phoenix, they explained that they felt a feeling of empowerment.

“Seeing myself smile like that in the picture is something I didn’t do as a teenager, it’s a reminder of how happy I look in those situations. I look really happy and calm without fear and shame.”

Charities and Organisations

Here are some charities and organisations related to Nic’s story if you are looking to meet others in the community or need any advice.

Mermaids, for teenagers and children with identity concerns.

Stonewall, fighting for the freedom of LGBTQ+ people.

LGBT Mind, helping with mental health.

It Gets Better Project UK, empowering LGBTQ+ youth.

LGBT Foundation, a charity based in Manchester.

Notts LGBT Network, based in Nottinghamshire.

Gendered Intelligence, increasing understanding of gender diversity.

Everyone is welcome at Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready is very proud to have been part of Nic’s journey and celebrate their identity by helping them express themselves at our award-winning venue.

We are a welcoming and safe environment. Everyone is treated with the same personal experience with no judgement.

We are all unique and we celebrate this through all the different styles we offer!

“It does take a bit of strength to find yourself and get to the point where you can accept and represent your true self but for me, this was quite a big step on my journey.”
Red Carpet Ready is a safe space to take quite a big jump.” Nic

Red Carpet Ready can be the stepping stone to expressing yourself by finding the perfect dress for your figure with the help of our Personal Stylists who are friendly, understanding, and there to guide you every step of the way.

We are so much more than just a dress retailer – we are here to celebrate everyone’s identities and make you feel amazing in your body!

There is a perfect dress for everyone and with our massive choice and expert Personal Stylists, we guarantee you will leave with the dress of your dreams.

You can follow Nic on Instagram at @enjoy_invisibility, where they are continuing to use their story and experience to help other people.

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